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Dec 5, 2013 2:00am PST
next year. >>> the white house is in full holiday mode. first lady michelle obama showing off the decorations. the visitors the next two weeks will be treated to the portuguese waterdogs ornament made out of black satin ribbons. one of the real first dogs sonny got a little excited yesterday knocking down a 2-year-old girl visiting from alabama! can you believe it? this is like the biggest white house scandal? no. >> look at that! >> that is the one where it looks nice. the next one, she ends up on the ground. >> she has a lasting memory there. they are all talking about it. >> the dog is bigger than she is. >> there she is on the ground! he decked her! >> he did not deck her. just a big dog. >> george w. bush had barney. >> she gets a hug from the first lady. it's all better. all better. >> i hope that girl doesn't have bad dreams of that nasty dog. >>> coming up, a celebrity chef airing her dirty laundry in court. lawson is opening up about her drug use and got to say a whole lot more as she tries to prove two sisters swindled her out of a million dollars. we are live in london
Dec 10, 2013 2:00am PST
. president obama from the united states up on the screen with first lady michelle next to the polish prime minister. >> the danish prime minister there. >> the crowd went wild. they also have been very different reaction there. >> i now ask the secretary-general of the united nations, mr. ban ki-moon, to come and pay a tribute on behalf of the united nations. >> thanks. president of south africa, to the mandela family, your highnesses and head of state and governme government, ladies and gentlemen, i am deeply honored to participate in this memorial service for nelson mandela. we join together in sorrow fand celebration of mighty life. a wondrous display of this rainbow nation. in nature, rainbow emerges from rain and the sun. it is the symbol of -- that i feel today. i hope you will be able to see the rainbow soon. through the rain and sun of celebration, a rainbow is our hearts. on behalf of the united nations, i offer my deepest condolences to the mandela family, and to the many here, and the people of south africa, this is a great continent and, ladies and gentlemen, this
Dec 3, 2013 2:00am PST
level. >> cornyn is running for re-election next year. he says he wants to scrap obama care and replace it with a different kind of overhaul. >>> a top u.n. official says there is massive evidence linking the syrian regime including president assad to war crimes during the country's nearly 3-year-old civil war conflict. they say is complicates responsibility at the highest level including the head of the state and it linked syrian rebels to the commission of war crimes. >>> an american in cuba is appealing to president obama. alan gross wrote a letter and it's expected to be delivered today. in it, gross says the president should intervene personally in his case. this is part of a new strategy by gross' family to put direct pressure on the white house. "the washington post" obtained a copy of this letter. >>> it is 34 minutes past the hour. let's get a check of the weather. are we talking snow again? >> we are, but not yet. i'll start on the positive side this time, right? >> nice smile. thank you. >> on the southeast. let's talk about temperatures. look at these temperatures. t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3